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Renovatio 2015


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Videos, photos, exclusive interviews.
The beating heart of Renovatio is revealed by the story of Massimo Carraro, choreographer and founder of the team. From its birth to these days.




The artistic soul of Renovatio takes shape through choreography, shares its nature. The beating heart of Renovatio is revealed for you. Massimo Carraro tells and describes the birth of this team, the meaning of its name and the central idea of Renovatio. Detailed review, explanation of artistic figures and engaging sequence of movements transfer life in the choreography 2015. 

2015 IN THE HANDS OF FATE: Inspired by the three-chapter story by Massimo Carraro. The characters Chris, a cellist who has been let down by an important audition, Jes, prodigious former ballerina who now performs on disco podiums and the main character, the wise and patient fate that is capable of making happen the most terrible and hardest things and wait for the right moment to make everything beautiful, like the beginning of a love story.

Contents regarding the choreography "In the hands of fate" are going to be updated throughout this year with the latest news, photos and exclusive contents.



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