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About Us

Renovatio was born in 2007 from the  union of 12 athletes of show skating guided by the choreographer Massimo Carraro who has seen in contemporary dance a source of inspiration.
At a later time the group matured the possiility and the marvel to instill some typical features of art in show skating: the communicative potentiality, the sharing of meaningful topics and ones's own feelings.
Both national and international results achived, and the refined and captivating style had rapidly marked Renovatio as one of the leader groups of show skating.
This website organizes and promotes skating body art's values.
Life that flows on skates. Moving art. The research of human's feelings. Music. Stage costumes and choreographies. Body's harmony while dancing. Movement and the Whole in balance. The discipline that turns impossibile into possibile. The art of using body on skates.
Renovatio researches humans' feelings and expresses them in living choreographies.
The contents of this website are to be paid to finance the attendance at competitions, trainings, travel expenses and stage costumes.
By purchasing a product you will contribute to realize this activity which is an artistic representation of life.


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