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Thanks to the competence and availability of its athletes, Renovatio has been organizing both in Italy and abroad internships and courses for years. Renovatio’s aim is to spread the philosophy, the technique, the motion, the thought, the heart it is animated, amused, educated and disciplined by.
Massimo and Renovatio’s members work with trainers, choreographers and athletes of groups, quartets, singles and pairs. It addresses from professionals to beginners or simply to those who want to experience this world.
The goals are various and different for each partnership:
TECHNICAL: music education, body’s use, single and groups’ technique from basic to professional levels, choreographies’ creation, costumes and sets’ planning.
EMOTIONAL: interpretation, performance’s management, communication between trainer and athlete, group’s relationship.
PHILOSOPHICAL: share the sense, the value and the potentiality of artistic expression, bodies’ movement, wheels’ use and all that can be reached by the mix of these; share an orientation of education, technical growth and love for this discipline which makes you rediscover the beauty and the delight of everyday actions as they can be seen in an artist’s movement.
Ask for info and costs : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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